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PSC-5 and C-5. In its continuous improvement process has developed Texproil Packers Tandem PCS-5 and C-5, specifically designed for multi-zone injection wells and currently already operating. These tools have substantial safety and operational improvements over its predecessors, the successful PCS-1 and C-3. More than 7000 type tools PCS-1 and C-3 were constructed and are operating within and outside the country.


Located in Cipolletti City, Río Negro, Republica Argentina, Texproil S.R.L. is an innovative company in solutions for the gas and oil industry.

Integrated by qualified and experienced personnel in big companies bill with modern equipments for the design, development and production of Oil Products.

Completion, Waterflood and Gas Lift Products are our specialty.

Our engineering department is qualified to give appropriate solutions to customer requirements.



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